Guardian stupidity

Shell\’s search for profits widens even as the oil price climbs

It\’s not \”even\”.

It\’s \”because of\” or \”as a result of\”.

Higher oil prices mean higher profits for those who search for and pump up oil. Thus, those who are in the business of pumping up oil will increase their search for oil as the price rises.

Whadda they want people to do? Oil demand is up, supply static or shrinking, thus putting up the price, so they#d prefer oil companies to cut their research and development efforts?

4 thoughts on “Guardian stupidity”

  1. Guardian policy: we want BP and Shell and all the rest of the evil oil companies to die and we’ll thweam and thweam until it happens.

  2. It’s a bit like their perplexity at the crime rate falling ‘despite’ rising rates of incarceration.

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