In which we praise Adrian Lea

No, I\’ve not met Mr. Lea either but this is commendable:

Adrian Lea, manager of planning and regeneration at Cornwall council, insisted solar farms were a positive development. \”It begs the question of what the purpose of a feed-in tariff is for,\” he said. \”To me, the purpose [of the tariff] is to develop a solar PV industry, to bring forward renewable energy infrastructure within the UK, and to meet renewable energy targets.

\”In terms of solar panels, I don\’t think you\’re going to do that on domestic roofs because the rate of installation, while highly commendable, is pants, quite frankly.\”

3 thoughts on “In which we praise Adrian Lea”

  1. Feed in Tariffs are pants as well. They effectively say:

    ” We know the technology is crap and expensive, so here is a bung to invest in it”

    However, having made that stupid decision, to complain that only those with money to invest are the ones investing, is Brain Dead Stupidity off the Richie scale.

  2. Apparently the upper limit for Feed In Tariffs is 5MW!
    Good grief, who’s got a roof that big!
    I suspect the politicians who passed that law/regulation got confused between 5000W (reasonable) and 5000kW.
    A simple mistake for the numerically challenged.

  3. Or somebody wanted to sneak in a useful amount of power and deliberately set the upper limit high so that not all the money would be wasted, just most of it.

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