It\’s not about being green, it\’s about being Green

And there is a difference: being green might be categorised, when talking about power supplies, as wanting more renewable power and less fossil fueled.

Being Green means being anti-capitalist with it:

Mr Barker has previously said he would act if he was concerned that too many corporations were taking advantage of the scheme.

In November, he said: \”At the moment there is no cause for undue alarm but if the current growth of solar farms show signs of getting out of hand, I will act. Speculators and hot money should find another home for their investments.

\”We want to see an ambitious roll out of solar panels on Britain\’s roof space but not all over the countryside.

\”I will not allow the hard won available funding to be scooped up by a few industrial scale photovoltaic farms at the expense of the domestic or small business installations.\”

And yes, that is a Tory damn Minister saying that, which shows quite how far the rot has spread.

Getting lots of solar power is less important than getting less small scale, communal, domestic, solar power.

And there is absolutely no reason, other than cuddly cuteness, to prefer the latter over the former. Or purblind economic ignorance of course.

6 thoughts on “It\’s not about being green, it\’s about being Green”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is probably not anti-capitalist. It is more likely to be a pork issue. He probably doesn’t want his pork to go to non-voting corporations.

  2. When the brown outs come lots of self satisfied solar powered home owners won’t mind, but no one loves the fields which won’t make any difference to preventing the brown outs.

  3. You are forgetting that at the moment this PV roll out is nothing to do with power generation, since the power produced is not economic. It is just pork to buy some good kharma. They certainly don’t want commercial companies farming subsidies. There is enough of that with the wind farms. They are going to purchase no kharma if the pork money gets diverted to commercial companies. Given the amount of hate that Greens have for business it might even be counterproductive to their aims.

  4. The Laughing Cavalier

    Barker left his wife, a brewery heiress for an Irish painter and decorator. What kind of fool does that?

  5. I would much rather see professionally managed and maintained solar panel farms. If this has to be done by large companies and groups of investors, so be it.

    I’ve had four phone calls in the last six months from scam artists wanting to install panels on my roof. I try to engage them in meaningfull conversation, butthey seem curiously reluctant to tell me on the phone exactly how feed-in tariffs actually work. They are also reluctant to send me a brochure. So far, nothing has turned up. I smell scam.

    People don’t realise that solar panels, like any electronic component, are subject to a certain rate of failure. The individual cells are connected in series, so that failure of one cell means failure of the panel. Any householder installing panels needs to be aware of the probability of needing some very expensive repairs. The panels also need to be cleaned every year, probably done by some offshoot of a window cleaning company – more expense.

    It’s far better to install loads of panels at ground level in a field where they can be professionally maintained.

    George Monbiot says it’s all a great green ripoff. I’m inclined to agree with him.

  6. “George Monbiot says[…]. I’m inclined to agree with him.”

    And what kind of a world are we living in in which that makes any sense? It’s usually a pretty accurate measure of a thought’s pedigree of insanity that it has first spent time inside the cranium of the Moonbat. If even he sees it’s nuts then hold on to yer hats, boys, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

    They should all be boiled in the Great Retort, every man jack of ;em, Labour, Tory and LibDem. They are worse than useless; indeed a lot worse than useless for their pandering to their various constituencies and special interests is more actively harmful than if they were to not exist in the first place. What did we do to deserve this?

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