Labour Party donor to be jailed

The former Labour Party donor….

However, he decided to plead guilty to possession of a firearm with intent to commit criminal damage after he was caught on a security camera firing at the alarm.

He also admitted causing criminal damage to a door and lamp, as well as a window and burglar alarm in the home of Norman and Cindy Dawood.

No doubt we will be seeing the usual blast of blog posts at LFF, LC and so on, denouncing the ciminal tendencies of those who support other political parties.


3 thoughts on “Labour Party donor to be jailed”

  1. I’d pardon even a sodding Labour supporter if his action was in the noble cause of silencing a persistent alarm.

  2. What Dearieme said. Give the man a medal, don’t stick him in jail. Similarly, if a car alarm is left to go off for longer than 10 minutes, driving a monster truck over the bastard thing should be at the very least legal, or preferably mandatory.

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