Libya is on the United Nations Human Rights Council

The massacres in Libya are a deeply shocking outrage. Hundreds of Libyans have been killed by armed forces acting under the orders of the government. This unfeeling brutality from the Libyan government towards its own people is something that the whole world should condemn in the strongest language.


3 thoughts on “Libya is on the United Nations Human Rights Council”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The UN Human Rights Committee system has long been controlled by the Afro-Asian block. Or more accurately, China’s deals with the Africans and Arabs. Basically, China will deploy its veto or threat of it, and in exchange they will all vote for each other and make sure these committees are controlled by the said Afro-Asian block. And hence only condemn Israel for being, you know, Jewish and all.

    Being on such a committee is almost proof that you’re a torturing mass murdering regime. I have a slogan similar to this blog’s – can we leave yet?

  2. Wasn’t the old UN human rights thing scrapped because it had become so corrupt it waz embarassing evrn to the UN? Looks like this one is well on the way to the same destination.

  3. The non-aligned movement makes up a majority of the UN; the Arab League and Islamic Conference via their oil wealth effectively dominate the non-aligned movement, which is why the UN is dominated by concerns about Palestine to the exclusion of the human rights issues in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sudan et al. Even though these despotic regimes are a minority in the UN.

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