Michael Tomasky

the media played it as a personal battle royale between President Clinton and Newt Gingrich, the Senate leader.

Someone who can write that really shouldn\’t be writing on US politics.

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  1. Senate Majority Leader/Speaker of the House, eh, what’s the difference? I can never tell Harry Reid and John Boehner apart.

    Next time you hear someone banging on about how ignorant Americans are, ask them something simple, like how many branches of government there are, or what constitutes the Bill of Rights. This works especially well on smug Canadians, I have found.

  2. Tim – yes, quite. In general, I find arrogant Americans more obnoxious than arrogant Brits, however, it’s inevitably true that if a Brit’s spouting proper anti-Yank bullshit then they won’t have a fucking clue about Yank politics.

    David – surprised, to be honest: I’d’ve thought that most Canucks (from the subset of “who’re bothered to come to the UK and talk about politics”) knew that. Especially as Canada actually has a more-or-less-proper Senate.

    Nonetheless, it’s also a question worth asking Americans.I think I’ve met four Americans in real life who know US politics better than I do, and they were all my host’s friends who worked in DC and were visiting his party in NYC.

  3. John B,

    Maybe that’s the point. Perhaps living in a federation leads people to be more interested in their state than their country. I don’t see how this can be considered ignorant.

  4. john b, dunno about the UK, but I don’t live there any more. My figures come from the subset of Canadians I know who live here in Costa Rica (a large number) and who can be relied on to say something disparaging about people from the US (a fraction as near to unity as makes no difference). Hell, I’ve won money betting Canucks on how many States there are, never mind what principle was established by Marbury vs. Madison.

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