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Note to Guardian subs

The city of Zawiyah, controlled by rebels but surrounded by Gaddafi loyalists, is a metaphor for the current stalemate

Err, no. Zawiyah is not a metaphor for the current stalemate, it is an example of the current stalemate.

4 thoughts on “Note to Guardian subs”

  1. Stalemate is a metaphor for the current situation.

    Except, on top, it’s the wrong one: the situation seems to be changing every day and heading for victory for one “side” and defeat for the other (mad bastard dicator). Insh’allah, that is.

  2. Er how is it either an example or a metaphor? According to the news I’m watching Libya is effectively split. Gadaffi controls a chunk of the eastern coast and some inland sites. The rebels control most of the western coastal strip and some inland sites. Isolated contrarian pockets existing in both areas. The rest of the country is largely empty desert controlled by nobody and not much use to anyone.

    At best this is nothing but a good example of journalistic hyperbole.

  3. But thats just semantics. What I find most amusing is this from the Telegraph:

    As world debates fresh steps to evict Gaddafi, more towns fall to rebels

    Now that’s a perfect example of the uselessness of the international community.

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