On lesbian actresses

No, not that sort, the regular sort:

The casting of Portman, Moore and Bening, all straight actresses, in the roles of women who are bisexual or lesbian has provoked acrimony in Hollywood\’s gay community. Some argued that only well-known heterosexual stars were happy to take gay parts because they could be confident their career would not suffer. This view was drily echoed by gay British novelist Stella Duffy this weekend. \”It seems it is always fine for straight women to play lesbians – in fact, they quite often get Oscars for it,\” she said.

Sorta: two points though.

The generally accepted proportion of lesbians among the female population is 1-2%. So we would rather expet, in the absence of any confounding factor, 1-2% of actresses to be such. So he relative scarcity isn\’t really all that much of a surprise.

And as to straight women playing lesbians: umm, yes, this really is rather the point. What they\’re being paid for is to pretend to be something they\’re not.

You know, acting?

8 thoughts on “On lesbian actresses”

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  2. It’s terrible. And some people go to such trouble, for example they found that guy with the really bad stutter to act in “The King’s Speech”. I felt for him.

  3. If actors can now only play what they actually are there would seem to be a lot of lucrative work for (ex-?)murderers out there.
    Has anybody told Johm Hurst?.

  4. Hmmm, here’s a quandary. Hollywood make a film with 3 bankable heterosexual female film actresses in the hope that the film will at worst break even or make a profit at the box office.

    Gay author complains that three ugly biffers weren’t used instead.

    I know which film I’d rather see.

  5. A recent survey of around 450,000 Brits showed that 1-2 % of males said they are homosexual, and only 0.3% of females. So roughly 1 in 300 women is a lesbian, much fewer than the 1-2% you suggest.

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