On that BP compensation fund

Pinellas Marine Salvage has filed suit in Florida against the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and its federal administrator, Kenneth Feinberg, claiming it is not acting sufficiently in the interests of victims.

Pinellas Marine Salvage is seeking economic, compensatory, and punitive damages.

The local company claims that Mr Feinberg and the fund \”circumvent many of the rights provided to victims of the BP oil spill under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990,\” and employs a \”delay, deny, defend\” strategy against claimants.

Hardly unusual for someone to sue at this stage. The amounts of money lying around have all the lawyers gagging for a case they can try and argue.

But arguing this particular law in their favour is really quite interesting: for this is the law that caps BP\’s liability to private sector claimants to $75 million.

So they are arguing that paying out $20 billion not $75 million is damaging those the damages are being paid out to…..

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  1. It’s How American Law Works. Sue for something that’s massively stupid but that could delay much more important things long enough to be expensive, hope you get paid enough money to cover lawyers’ costs so that you fuck off.

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