On that international market for executives

With the appointment of Gerard Kleisterlee as Vodafone chairman, the number of Brits heading the FTSE\’s top 20 companies falls to eight.

That rather kills off the Work Foundation\’s study that there is no international market in executives, eh?

Scanning the list of top 20 companies traded on the London Stock Exchange – from Vodafone to Rio Tinto to Xstrata – there is not one business without extensive overseas operations. Some companies may well have started off as British-run, but their growth into international markets is a major reason why they are so successful.

And that rather kills off the various bleatings about how FTSE is in any manner a reflection of the UK economy.

It also rather undermines Ritchie\’s blatherings about the tax gap as well. Huge chunks of, the majority almost certainly, of the profits made by UK listed companies are not made in the UK. Whimpering that in not paying tax here they are therefore breaching some spirit of the law is nonsensical therefore.

5 thoughts on “On that international market for executives”

  1. Ritchie is an idiot, and you’ve made it obvious through a cursory Google search that this is so. As he worms his way into leftie organisations and becomes the ‘brains’ behind the economic policies, he is doing good work: by undermining their credibility.

  2. I agree with KT, except the other way round. He’s to the UK left what Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck is to the American right – someone who, even on a cursory glance, is so demented that any organisation that tolerates them is tainted.

    And I thoroughly feel the pain that moderate Republicans are going through right now…

  3. To the left and other ecomiically ignorant people Richie is doing a great job. He has blamed corporations for the economic crises with “data” to support his argument. He has declared closing his imaginary tax gap as a way of preventing ordinary people feeling the pain of it.
    He’s a frikkin genius to them.

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