On the importance of government intervention

As part of a package of legal reforms to be steered through the Spanish parliament this month, for any property being sold the local council will be obliged to provide a document stating clearly its boundaries, the category of land on which it stands, its access to services including water and electricity, and details of its planning approval.

It\’s very difficult indeed to have a market in such real property without having open access to a functioning land registry. Which is why government intervention is at times necessary: and yes, in this case, it does have to be government.

For it\’s government that\’s giving out the planning permissions and thus government that must provide the details of the planning permissions given.

BTW, just to point out, over here in Southern Portugal we don\’t have this problem. The land registry is very good indede and you can pop down to the council and check whatever blather you\’re being given by a seller at any time you like for no fee.

Which leads me to, umm, anyone interested in one or two houses in the Algarve?

I\’ve got two two bedroom cottages freshly on the market.

In a little village called Bernarda, at the end of a cul de sac (very quiet!), just outside Messines. The basic set up is the main buildings of an old almond farm. Surrounding fields have been sold off, some built upon, but the two immediately around the houses empty. One can never be built upon, the other not at the moment, still almond, olive and carob trees in them.

1) What was the barn, newly converted into a two bedroom, one bath, large kitchen, large living room with mezzanine floor, dining room with double French windows out onto small patio. No garden. Top notch fittings, granite tops etc. €150,000.

2) What was the farm building. Two bed, kitchen, utility room, dining, living, sun room. Garden (300 m2 ish) plus small storage shed, office in garden with second shower/toilet. €180,000. Lower quality fittings: IKEA wooden topped kitchen for example.

12 km or so inland from Albufeira: so you can have baked beans and concrete if you like. But this is Portugal, not the coast: we\’re the only English speakers in the village (not just the only English speakers, the only non-Portuguese). Silves is 17 km to the SW. Faro Airport 40 mins drive (on a bad day).

Essentially, if you want the curry/Chinese/golf etc of the Algarve holiday it\’s all 15 minutes drive away. If you want the peace and quiet (\”sossegada\”) of rural Portugal it\’s right outside your (well, once you\’ve paid for it of course) front door/s.

Electricity/mains water/sewage/broadband etc. These prices are realistic for the area.

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  1. It’s astonishing that the Spanish government are trying to get Brits to go there and buy property, given what happened, so publicly, to a few of the buyers in the recent past.

    Anyone who buys property there wants their head seeing to, unless they can afford to lose all the money at some arbitrary moment in the future, when things turn around again.

    The words “hoist” and “petard” spring to mind.

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