Ooooh, dear Ms. Laurie Penny

Somewhere between Ms. Penny\’s notebook and the New Statesman subs it looks like some quotes have been made up.

Plus not an entirely clear and open distinction between what is on and off the record, permission to quote etc.

Both are firing offences in the US media: perhaps standards are different over here?

Although I seem to recall that Boris got fired over this very offence, didn\’t he?

8 thoughts on “Ooooh, dear Ms. Laurie Penny”

  1. She’s on a pretty steep learning curve.

    A daddy’s girl who has been given a toy to play with and she hasn’t read the instructions, because, as always, ‘I am a good person and doing good stuff and so all that other naff stuff doesn’t apply to me’.

    As I once noted here. Just like my dear father when he needed to get out of a hole he had dug himself into: ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say’

  2. Could it be that Ms Penny won’t be fired because while Boris worked for a right leaning rag which still retained some standards and she pens articles for the New Statesman?

  3. The Boris comparison is nonsense.

    Boris’s quote was defamatory, because it attributed a factual statement that was false and (to scholars of 14th century English history) risible to a 14th century English historian. It was also completely fictional, in that he never spoke to Colin Lucas at all. That gets you fired, no matter who you work for, who you’re connected to, or who they’re connected to.

    The argument between Penny, the NS and the activist in question is about the phrasing of words in a speech written up from incomplete notes (which certainly doesn’t imply “quotes have been made up” – on the basis of the evidence as presented by the NS and by ‘Sofie’, that’s technically libellous against Penny and/or the NS). Doing this is somewhere between ‘ambiguous’ and ‘completely OK’, and wouldn’t get you fired from any British paper.

  4. “Doing this is somewhere between ‘ambiguous’ and ‘completely OK’, and wouldn’t get you fired from any British paper.”

    It’s also very funny. A 24-year-old woman takes Penny to task for writing about them as “romantic kids” and she remembers it as a girl saying she wants *people* to stop treating them as idealistic kids, before running outside to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

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