Penthouse cover story

Standing at the newspaper counter just now, as one does, my eye, as it can be, was drawn to the current Portuguese Penthouse, the cover story of which, translated, seems to be:

Sodomy, the ultimate taboo.

Now I agree, given my age, inclinations and general uxoriousness, I don\’t know this following statement to be true, but I\’m generally under the impression that that ship sailed some time ago.

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  1. I’m generally under the impression that that ship sailed some time ago


    It depends whether we’re taking ‘sodomy’ in its narrow context as being synonymous with male homosexuality or more broadly as a sexual practice engaged in by homosexuals and heterosexuals alike.

    As far as heterosexuals go, Kinsey put the prevalence of anal intercourse at 11% for married couples, 9% for unmarried males and over 40% from unmarried females based on data collected from late 1930s to the early 1950s. This seems to confirm anecdotal reports that anal intercourse was commonly used as mean of contraception by umarried women back in the days when reliable alternatives were difficult to come by.

    Since Kinsey it would appear that the overall prevalence of anal intercourse has risen pretty steadily – current estimates suggest that around 40% of American adults have given it a go at least once.

  2. I wonder if one could use ‘uxority’ instead.

    Uxor in Latin is the noun. So no, uxority wouldn’t be possible etymologically.

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