Questions in the Telegraph that we can answer

Michael Winner is to be fêted by the American film industry. So why do we still see him as a nuisance?

Because the Americans only see the films while we, though the newspapers, the restaurant reviews, see the man.*

* This is certainly unkind and quite possibly untrue but I just couldn\’t resist.

10 thoughts on “Questions in the Telegraph that we can answer”

  1. reminds me of the Barry Norman put down of Michael Winner, which went something like “To say Michael Winner is his own worst enemy is to provoke scattered cries from what remains of the British film industry of ‘not while I’m alive he isn’t!'”

  2. More proof that Barry Norman has never had an original thought in his life. Stolen from Ernie Bevin, speaking of some other Labour minister, whom I can’t be bothered to identify.

  3. Someone once bemoaned the retiring of Concord on the basis that whilst Concord flew, one could always fly across the Atlantic by plane, safe in the knowledge that one would never be on the same plane as Michael Winner.

    I liked the line. However I don’t mind Michael Winner. Like Jeremy Clarkson or Derek Jameson, he seems to attract unreasonable levels of personal criticism for no good reason that I can see.

  4. “And yet, his work to honour fallen policemen and women puts him just, just on the side of the angels…”

    Yet his greatest success has ben as a direcotr of vigilante movies.

    The late Leslie Halliwell once gave Winner’s auteurship the literary equivalent of a Domestos enema, citing any number of works from ‘The Cool Mikado’ to ‘Hannibal Brooks’ (the one with Oliver Reed, Michael J. Pollard and an elephant). It was a joy to read.

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