Scary phrase

Journalists need to accept more responsibility when reporting on climate change findings, and perhaps guidelines need to be drawn up.

All the news that we approve of your printing perhaps…..

7 thoughts on “Scary phrase”

  1. I put this on their site. I am repeating it here because, if past experience is any guide “Liberal Conmspiracy” will censor it:

    So the fact that the media have already demonstrated their obedience, with up to 80% of papers not even mentioning scientific scepticism until it became obvious both that the globe is cooling & that the “scientists” promoting warming are well funded charlatans, is now not enough.

    There must be mandatory “guidelines” to prevent any trace of honesty.

    Once again “Liberal Conspiracy” proves that it is not in the smallest degree liberal but, straight from the book, fascist.

  2. Climate Change Denial is Zionist Science. All you Jew-lovers who adhere to it are race-traitors. There will be a reckoning, come the day…

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