Shock, Horror!

The Foreign Secretary and another Conservative minister “lobbied strongly” on behalf of Tullow Oil who were embroiled in a dispute over a £175 million unpaid tax bill in Uganda.

The Ugandan government said that Heritage Oil owed £250million in capital gains tax. Heritage paid £75million, but around £175million remains under dispute. Heritage is registered in Jersey – a tax haven.

Mr Hague personally telephoned the country’s President and the issue was given a high priority within the Foreign Office, the documents reveal.

The dispute arose after Heritage Oil sold assets in Uganda to Tullow Oil last year for $1.4billion (£870million).

Last month, Tullow Oil announced it would not now have to pay the tax bill and is about to begin extracting millions of barrels of oil in Uganda.

Foreign Secretary suggests that Johnny Foreigner should obey terms of agreement Johnny Foreigner signed.

Film at 11!

Jeebus, what does anyone think we have a Foreign Secretary for if not this?

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