Something of a difficult case, Pte Uluilakeba

Should a foreign national, one who joined the Army and then pulled a knife on a corporal, was put in the glasshouse and then discharged, be given leave to stay in the UK?

Put like that, no.

Add in that he was wounded in Iraq, when recovered, went back and is said to be suffering from PTSD.


Me, I put the having shed blood for this country as qualifying to stay. This isn\’t quite what it means but the jus sanguinis* method of citizenship perhaps.

Fortunately, Pex has good friends, including Sue Smith and Elaine Laga, a widow who also lost a soldier son, in a Land Rover accident in Germany. She has paid £500 from her meagre savings to enable Pex to apply to the Home Office to re-examine his application to stay in Britain – which is why he is still here, despite the deportation deadline having passed.

As Mrs Smith says: “I cannot believe this country has allowed rapists, child molesters and terrorists to stay here, yet a man who is quite willing to give his life for Queen and country is being booted out.” Mrs Laga adds: “When you consider who we let into this country and provide for, it is a shame that we cannot look after a war veteran and a hero, a man who would be getting on with his life if allowed to.”

If Dr Fox really is commited to the “Military Covenant” that he wants us all to honour, he could prove it by ordering a review of the case of Pex, Mr Epeli Uluilakeba, as a top priority.

– Several contributors to the comments below have asked how they might contribute to a fighting fund for Pex. Cheques made out to Elaine Laga can be sent on via Christopher Booker (Pex), Sunday Telegraph, 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0DT. This will ensure that the money reaches Pex, who is not allowed to open a UK bank account.

As always, make up your own minds on such matters.
* The real meaning of this is almost exactly the opposite, that you can only get citizenship if your parents had it, that is, the drop of blood in your veins, not having spilled it.

UPDATE. To make a paypal donation, email it to RAENORTH AT AOL.Com and mark it \”Pex\”. That\’ll get there.

2 thoughts on “Something of a difficult case, Pte Uluilakeba”

  1. If one drew up a list of all those who should be deported, from most deserving to least, I reckon Pte Uluilakeba would be fairly near the bottom of it. There’s plenty we SHOULD be throwing out before him, and if we can’t throw them out, we shouldn’t pick on easy targets instead.

  2. I 100% agree that Pex should be allowed to stay.

    But the responsibility for this falls directly on the people who clamoured for draconian immigration rules.

    If you say “foreigners who commit crimes should all be deported tout suite” (which is precisely what a lot of people who are now supporting Pex said when the last big tabloid panic about foreign criminals kicked off), this is precisely what you’ll get: foreigners who commit crimes being deported tout suite.

    If you say “rather than having a blanket rule under which foreigners who commit crimes are deported tout suite, we should be more understanding of the factors behind the offending behaviour and the individual’s ties to the UK, and evaluate each case accordingly”, then you’re absolutely right – but that’s precisely the sort of attitude which normally gets one a pasting for being a woolly liberal nancy boy.

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