Spirit Level Delusion update

To carry on the argument from the Spirit Level Delusion young shaver Mr. Snowdon has made available the lastest chapter on the intertubes.


Well worth the read.

3 thoughts on “Spirit Level Delusion update”

  1. Very interesting, but some alarming typos. A jaundiced proof-reading eye could profitably be cast upon it.

  2. Having read ‘The Spirit Level’, and having worked for many years in the lower reaches of the income spectrum, my view of the book is that, for individuals with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is nothing but clear common sense.

    Wilkinson & Pickett do go off on a frolic of their own about climate change near the end of the book, a section which, being out of place in the work, disrupts its rhythm; yet for the most part the book is extremely impressive. Their observation that policy on poverty reduction seems to be based on the poor deciding to pick up the burden of making mass sea changes in all aspects of their lives, without anyone else having to do anything, is, in my opinion, the most vividly truthful critique of the lack of ‘Schwerpunkt’ in British economic policy I have ever read; a plea to commonsense holism rather than this constant gouging of each others’ eyeballs for the small change in our pockets.

    I recently heard a young but baldy talking head on Nicky Campbell’s Sunday morning show, I think it’s called ‘The Big Questions’, say that we should be tackling poverty, not inequality. Being the most fatuous bollocks I had heard in a very long time, I could not help but wonder whether I was listening to a ringer for the Socialist Workers, or to a Tory holy fool. He was certainly not someone who has the slightest idea of how life in the real world, which he may feel himself to be a master of, really works.

    Que la fete commence.

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