Sunny\’s complaint

But what really shocked me was that no one appears to have the authority to call out the campaign. When I filed my complaint, I was told by the ASA that it can\’t interfere and that it\’s a matter for the Electoral Commission. The latter, however, now says it\’s a matter for the ASA, as it only deals with political parties.

So, in effect, the No2AV campaign falls into a grey area that is now being exploited by a group that steadfastly refuses to reveal who is backing it and by how much.

Would you look at that?

There\’s no bureaucracy responsible for stopping people from running ads that Sunny doesn\’t like.

Obviously, I agree that this is terrible, political activists should clearly be able to, by law, stop people from doing whatever it is that said political activist doesn\’t like them doing.

What would be the point of being a political activist if it were otherwise?

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