Take VAT

Take VAT, which describes itself as a \”UK Uncut-esque\” action group, was formed last month to raise awareness of companies that avoid paying VAT.

These range from companies such as HMV and Tesco, which use a VAT loophole to sell CDs and DVDs VAT-free from the Channel Islands, to airlines. No VAT is charged on aviation fuel or flights from airports within the EU.

\”Everyone in Britain, from the poorest pensioner to the richest banker, should now be paying VAT on products at 20%,\” said Cameron, a spokesman for Take VAT. \”Yet the biggest companies are getting away with paying nothing. That avoidance is costing the public millions.\”

Are these people insane?

Who do they think actually pays VAT?

That\’s right, the consumer. Not the company (whatever Mark Wadsworth says). The incidence of consumption taxes is upon consumers (not entirely, but certainly in the majority) so complaining that by the public not being taxed this costs the public millions is simply insane.

Where do these loons come from?

5 thoughts on “Take VAT”

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  2. These tax debates do my head in.

    It’s just greedy lazy envious people wanting to take money of anyone who’s got it, rather than maybe getting off their own arses and earning it themsleves…

  3. But surely if it is a loophole, they up their prices to just below the with-VAT price, just like duty free shops. The competitive landscape can’t be ignored, and the non-loophole-using competitors are losing a chunk of margin to VAT.

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