The best bacon cheeseburger in the world

Well, OK, possibly the best bacon cheeseburger in the world according to some bloke I\’ve never heard of.

However, if does actually look darn good and available only for a short time in East London.

My problem would be how to have a bacon cheeseburger, the beef chili dog, fries and the onion rings all in one visit. Even I cannot manage that…..

6 thoughts on “The best bacon cheeseburger in the world”

  1. @rich b: of course.

    I was just about to express astonishment that bacon anything was still legal in East London.

  2. To confirm, New Cross is in Sarf Lundun & some of us don’t have passports that are valid down there nor for that matter are entirely sure where it is anyway.

  3. You need to find a place that takes a la carte orders, and get 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, and as many hamburger patties as you want. Then make your own and accessorize as need be.

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