The Chutzpah award

But equally, I do think that first of all dealing with the facts and not the man is important and second that if you’re going to deal with the man you might at least try to get some facts right.

A worthy winner there.

Last week I was described by Geoff Cook of Jersey Finance as ‘ just a domestic  chartered accountant’.

Well, yes….

And he also ignores the fact that I have been an employee of the World Bank (in 2009) and that over the last few years I have advised clients on taxation and contractual issues in many countries including Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, the USA, the UK and, of course, Jersey as well as addressing conferences in locations as far apart as Santiago, Chile and Bergen, Norway, via a great many locations in between.

And that amongst the things I’ve done is create the concept of country-by-country reporting, now being considered by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, European Union and International Accounting Standards Board.

An \”employee\” of the World Bank is stretching matters a little. A contractor too perhaps.

But here\’s the thing: we know you\’ve done all of these things.

The observation is rather that given your background and training, you\’ve not particularly got the skills of education to be dealing with all of these subjects. Your accounting partnership at Murphy Deeks Nolan was essentially dealing with the affairs of some few hundred (800 is a number I\’ve seen mentioned) artists and acting types in Wandsworth. The Artists\’ Tax Yearbook (or some such title) which you produced for a number of years I\’m sure accurately reflected the expertise you had in this area. And well done to you as well.

Your degree was accounting and economics and you\’ve already told us that you decided early on that all he economics you were being taught was a crock and so you didn\’t pay attention.

So our observation is, again, that we don\’t really see where your expertise, your knowledge and ability, to reorder the entire international tax system comes from.

In fact, every time we examine in detail your opinions on such, we rather find that you don\’t have the expertise which you claim…..

11 thoughts on “The Chutzpah award”

  1. Heck, the giveaway is that he is tax advisor to the TUC.

    Sort of like being the national cricket coach for Latvia. Nice honourable work and all that, and nothing to be ashamed of, but not exactly premier league.

    After all, it isnt really in the wording or spirit of the objects of the TUC constitution to have members’ money spent on activity of this kind (eg corporate tax arrangements). And the reason for having objects that are observed by the letter and spirit is to stop the leadership using union funds on their pet interests – ie to stop them spending money on the likes of Murph.

    So if he complains about the ‘spirit of the law’, remember, he earns his crust contrary to the spirit of the TUC constitution. So he is a bit of a hypocrite.

  2. Tim-

    I’ll have you know that I’m a C.P.A. with a degree in Economics. I once worked for Coopers & Lybrand for about 15 minutes. I’ve been fired by at least two large, multinational corporations and a regional accounting firm as well. I’m proud to say I’ve never been fired from anything while practicing Economics. So, basically, I’ve got expertise out the wazoo, and in my opinion…

    Richard Murphy displays the same level of expertise to economics that he displays in accounting and taxation.

    So there!

  3. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Each and every one of you missed the real howler in his bit o’ puffery…

    He claims to have created “the concept” of country-by-country reporting.

    Uh huh…

  4. “…you’ve not particularly got the skills of education to be dealing with all of these subjects. …”
    But who has? Really, who has? The scary job ads in the front of the Economist or the back of corporate accountancy publications, generally want ‘taught at INSEAD’, not ‘can locate Fontainebleau on map’ to do just one or two of them.

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