This is a new meaning of \”leading economists\” to me

For those in London this weekend  there is a conference that looks worth attending. Hosted by Ken Livingstone on Saturday at Congress house, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS, the conference will include a broad range of progressive politicians, leading economists, anti-cuts campaigns and activists…..

Those leading economists being:

Victoria Chick, Emeritus Professor at the University of London

Reasonable enough I suppose although she seems to have a definite passion for Keynes.

economic commentator Duncan Weldon

Well, yes, Duncan\’s a nice enough bloke but:

I spent a couple of years working as an economist at the Bank of England and then four years in fund management, ending up as a partner in a small firm.

I then jacked it in and went to work for the Labour Party in January 2010. I worked in HQ  in the run up to the 2010 election and then as economic advisor to the acting Leader for a couple of months after the election.

I’m now working for an international trade union confederation.

Economic advisor to Mrs. Dromey?

Sinead Pentony, Head of Policy of Irish think-tank TASC


Sinead Pentony, BSc; MAgSc; MSc
Head of Policy

At the end of September 2009, Sinead Pentony joined TASC from Pobal, where she headed up Pobal’s research programme. In that capacity, she designed and managed a range of socio-economic research projects, including a national research study on the development of an Index of Affluence and Deprivation. During her time at Pobal, Ms. Pentony contributed to OECD publications on the evaluation of social inclusion projects. Prior to joining Pobal, Ms. Pentony held a research position in UCD’s Rural Development Unit, where she led the formulation of an integrated community development plan for Co. Wexford.

BTW, Pobal does this:

Pobal\’s core activities in relation to the programmes we manage, the benefactors we fund and the groups we support are to:

  • Provide support to communities to enhance their capacity to identify and respond to needs.
  • Evaluate strategies and appraise proposals using transparent criteria and procedures.
  • Make recommendations and allocate funding following appraisal and evaluation.
  • Assist and support the implementation of approved proposals and strategies.
  • Develop appropriate proofing mechanisms, support their introduction and monitor their implementation.
  • Add value at local level through actively encouraging strategic co-ordination among relevant stakeholders and between programmes that Pobal manages.
  • Manage Government funds in a transparent and prudent manner.
  • Provide guidance and support on organisational management and governance.
  • Conduct independent audits of beneficiaries based on risk analysis.
  • Monitor expenditure and performance in achieving agreed targets and outcomes.
  • Undertake and support the analysis and exchange of experience, leading to the identification and dissemination of good practice.

And then we\’ve Mick Burke:

economic blogger Mick Burke

Whose blog is here.

Mick Burke, from Socialist Economic Bulletin, will discuss economic policy together with other leading economists and commentators

So our \”leading economists\” are one not very well known professor, one economics blogger with 6 years in The City and who has been Hattie\’s economic advisor, an Irish quangocrat and an out and out loon (yes, socialists are such) who blogs a bit.

My, someone had better give the Bank of Sweden a heads up on this lot!

The rest of the speakers seem to be of similar quality:

The broad range of representatives from the anti-cuts movements includes: Len McCluskey, Gen Sec Elect, Unite; Frances O’Grady, TUC Deputy Gen Sec; Clifford Singer, False Economy; Daniel Garvin, UK Uncut; Mark Wallinger, Artist, Save the Arts.
The leading role that students and young people have played in opposing the cuts will be a key theme with speakers including: Kanja Sesay, NUS • Jody McIntyre, journalist • Josie Long, comedian • Laurie Penny, Journalist • Christine Quigley, London Young Labour • James Mills, Save EMA • Mary Robertson, SOAS Occupation • Cat Smith, Compass Youth • Aaron Kiely, Kent Occupier • Conrad Landin, blogger.
For once I can agree fully with Richard Murphy:
And no, for the record, I won’t be there.
He may have family committments. I shall be washing my hair.

7 thoughts on “This is a new meaning of \”leading economists\” to me”

  1. @Kay Tie
    As if “proper” economists are not rendered useless by groupthink.As Her Majesty said regarding the Credit Crunch:
    “How come ,if it was that big, nobody saw it coming?”

  2. @dbcr: Well quite. But this little gathering is quite clearly going to be a mutual masturbation festival, with any dissenting voices shouted down.

  3. I can guarantee this is an aneormous Circlejerk

    I just left a disparaging comment on the lefty beancounters website – and of course comment approval is on…

    I love James Delingpole’s take on this phenomenon – Calling the Guardians CiF page – Comment Mach Frei as he calls it…

  4. @KT
    If asked to name a proper economist,most people would say JM Keynes but he does n’t seem to have followed any courses in the subject at all.

  5. @SF
    Fred Harrison also saw it coming, based on the cycle of land values, and predicted the
    2008 crash to within a month.

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