Those tax dodging bastards at the Co Op

Looking at their 2009 financial statements, we find that income tax paid in 2009 was £3.1m 1 and that profit for the financial year (after significant items) was £164.6m 2. That makes their \’effective tax rate\’ under the Guardian\’s preferred metric a measly 1.9%.

Excellent work.

A serious note to the Barlcay\’s PR team.

You\’ve got to come out fighting you know, you\’ve got to be making these sorts of cases.

3 thoughts on “Those tax dodging bastards at the Co Op”

  1. But, but

    The guardian has good intentions, therefore it is of course only right that they don’t pay taxes because by not paying taxes they will have more resources to promote their good intentions. The banks on the other hand have bad intentions so they should not have any money. Simple, isn’t it?

  2. Yeah Emil’s right. It’s all about whether you’re good or bad. Bankers are obviously all bad as they only take out of the system and provide nothing of value whatever to the economy. It logically follows that all of their profits should be taxed at 100%. Whereas the Guardian is an undeniable force for good in these unenlightened times. Tax that it saves will go towards funding the careers of such crusaders for justice as Polly Toynbee and Richard Murphy.

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