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At El Reg.

How people are getting this food speculation thing wrong.

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  1. Is hoarding of silicon chips really a major issue in the market? Are you sure it’s not just a supply/demand imabalance?

    Tim adds: In the memory market, specifically RAM, we do see this regularly. But then, if there was a supply/demand imbalance, we’d want the hoarding in order to raise the prices and thus supply and reduce demand, wouldn’t we?

  2. I don’t think markets are question about what ‘we want’, it’s a question about what ‘we get’. People are always very quick to blame speculation for price increases or falls, when I think most often its simple S&D imbalances (at a price).

    I’m a little sceptical that something that goes off so easily (as in loses value in this case) woud see much hoarding. The value is heading to zero, after all.

  3. The main problem with Krugman’s argument is he (like the rest of us) has a very incomplete view of stocks, basically only those at exchange level.

  4. Matthew:

    I can’t make up my mind one way ot t’other about the matter–so I’m playing it safe. I’ve got almost 10,000 cubic feet in my basement that I don’t really use much and, maybe, half as much again in my garage. Thinkin’ about storing me up some sand. I’ll be quiet and discreet about it, of course (so as not to alert any potential burglars or come to the attention of regulatory authorities!).

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