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It\’s the regulations, stupid

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  1. Was I the only one who on seeing the utterly fatuous rules on calorie measures next to items in restaurant menus was to think, “how much is this going to cost? How many menu items will simply never see the light of day because small businesses will shy away from introducing them?”

    Does anyone really have an answer for this? How much does it cost to calorie-count a menu? Let’s say a small bar has twenty snack meals and ten main plates. OK, you have recipes and portion control if you want to stay in business, but who calculates the calories? Who makes sure the number you come up with is genuine? Self-certified, subject to penalties? Who checks? Municipal level? Who pays? State/National level? Who ordered the billions that this requires?

    How do daily specials fit in? You come up with a good idea but before you can chalk it on the board outside, some worthless cunt has to sign off on the fucking calorie count? JUST FUCK OFF AND LEAVE US ALONE. We are not children. When I eat a bacon fucking cheeseburger it is because I am hungry, and any pencil-necked wankstain that wants to take that out of my hands can get fucked. And I know their game. They daren’t go balls-out and say, “you can’t eat burgers,” so they nickel-and-dime you into submission. I want them all dead.

    Where was the pressure for calorie counts? Not from consumers. It was bloody self-righteous, holier-than-thou busybodies. It’s like ordering a bucket of fried chicken and finding it comes with a side of pigshit? “Who ordered this!?” “The Government. It’s for your own good.”

  2. It’s not just regulations on manufactures that favour big business by overburdening small businesses. A growing licencing system has the same effect.
    And it’s not just the EU. In some US states it cost $1,000 to get a licence as a hairdresser!

  3. Pendant alert: the past participle of “to bear” is “borne” not “bourne”. I only mention because I’ve noticed you do this before and your huge team of subs are obviously letting you down. And now you’ve got me thinking about Matt Damon 😉

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