Very strange comment deletion at The Guardian

On this thread.

Murphy is also the guy who wrote these pieces in the Guardian here, here and here. The headline of the last piece \”Act now to pay less tax\” is a favorite.

It is also well-known that the guy has engaged in systematic investment income shifting with his wife, a classic and none-too-subtle tax avoidance.

So I respond to this, actually defending Murphy.

Yes, I know, me defending Ritchie, but I did.

I pointed out that no one at all has ever even thought, let alone alleged, that he was income splitting or shifting with investment income.

Rather, the allegation is that he was doing so with earned income, income from writing reports about how terrible tax dodging was.

A comment which got deleted.

So, there you have it, I, Worstall, correct a possible libel against Murphy at The Guardian and get censored for my efforts.

5 thoughts on “Very strange comment deletion at The Guardian”

  1. Comment is Free, you know.

    Actually, CiF is a joke, with censors operating a policy not far off that of WGCE’s, demonstrating to all just what unpleasant thuggish types the Left actually are.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I would assume that the moderators are of limited intelligence dealing with matters that are beyond their ken. So naturally they will delete things with no obvious reason.

  3. The mods at the DT aren’t much better. It would be better if they were consistent but it’s the sheer capriciousness of their decisions that aggravates.

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