Well this is impressive isn\’t it?

Civil society organizations Christian Aid, Eurodad, Global Financial Integrity, Global Witness, Transparency International, Tax Justice Network and Tax Research will be meeting with several Task Force government partners and representatives of non-partner governments who will be attending the FATF meetings next week.

Kneel before me ye mighty and tremble in fear!

Christian Aid, (which Ritchie writes reports for) Eurodad (UK members, Christian Aid and nef, which Ritchie writes reports for), Global Financial Integrity (funded by the Ford Foundation which funds Ritchie), Global Witness (no known Ritchie connection), Transparency International (no known connection), Tax Justice Network (Ritchie founded it) and Tax Research (this is Ritchie).

Click here (PDF) to download a full copy of the Task Force’s recommendations to the FATF.

Yes, that\’s right, Ritchie and a few mates have written a report.

4 thoughts on “Well this is impressive isn\’t it?”

  1. It’s a clever trick.

    Looks like Mr. Murphy could actually go on his own and all the organisations would be able to claim to be there.

  2. It’s what yer typical Air Force bod would call a ‘target-rich environment’. You could even post a video of the Hellfire going in on LiveLeak and caption it “tax inurgents brought to justice.”

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