Why not elect a real pirate to Parliament?

Yes, why not.

After all, the place is already full of scabrous, scurvy, dogs, so why not have one who admits it from the outset?

3 thoughts on “Why not elect a real pirate to Parliament?”

  1. You calling me a “scabrous, scurvy, dog”? I’ll set my laywer onto you! 🙂

    We’re information policy reformers — copyright laws don’t work in the digital age, and the Digital Economy Act will only make things worse.

    This country is moving from being an industrial society to an information society, but the politicians don’t understand that.

    What we need is a new politics based on the understanding that you can’t have a modern, free society without a free internet (why do you think the Egyptian govmt took it down?), and that it isn’t possible to prevent file sharing without abolishing freedom and privacy on the internet.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    JohnW – “Or a clown”

    Or a porn star. Although la Cicciolina’s experience was not in *f**king* millions of people as such. But close.

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