Why the HuffPo deal might not work

But as DR says, under the new corporate dispensation, all bets are off — who\’s going to work for AOL for no pay out of pure sentiment?


Now it\’s corporate, the business model is slightly broken, isn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “Why the HuffPo deal might not work”

  1. Hipsters want to be associated with brands that are hip and independent. AOL is just about the opposite of hip.

    Still, $300m is pretty damn good. Bonkers money.

  2. Interesting to note that AOL’s shares took a nosedive in the wake of the acquisition announcement and its market cap fell by…wait for it…$315 million.

    As for the poor HuffPo scribes left out in the cold, one is forced to dust off the old Oscar Wilde quote about how one would have to have a heart of stone etc..

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