Yes, Eric is God

10 thoughts on “Yes, Eric is God”

  1. ok…so God implies doing a very mediocre impression of Bessie Smith and then playing a lot of notes quite fast on a guitar to no meaningful effect…

  2. Damn. I have several 78 rpm records with selections of Bessie Smith singing, I never realized she was also playing guitar.
    And Clapton is not known for playing “quite fast”-much the opposite.

  3. Sad how low the bar for divinity can be set. Still, I suppose nothing should come as a surprise after the elevation of some of the Roman emperors.

  4. Strange how, to be considered a divine
    performer you have to play blues on the guitar(And be male).All those Smiths ,Clara,Mamie and Bessie who were the first great blues performers got pushed out of the way in favour of battered guitar-playing street musicians .
    Blues pianists don’t get much of a look in,nor mouth-harp players like Little Walter Jacobs.Above all ,the whole country tradition of the Carter Family (mostly women) and the white All-American baseball- playing moonshiner Charlie Poole (played the banjo) is ignored
    in favour of the blues which are not really appropiate to the likes of Surrey born Ricky Clapp.

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