Yes Geoffrey, now take it to its conclusion

It is one of the most extraordinary popular revolts in recent decades, and it\’s providing the first real trial of David Cameron\’s pledge to lead the \”greenest government ever\”. But Britain\’s substantially resourced – and insufferably self-important – environmental pressure groups have played no part in it. Only now are they scrambling sclerotically to try to avoid being left behind…….But, even though environmental pressure groups successfully routed previous attempts to sell off the forests, this time they have been nowhere to be seen. Their absence speaks volumes about the increasing irrelevance and near-terminal timidity of bodies such as Friends of the Earth (FoE), the Ramblers\’ Association and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)


But what does this actually mean? That every organisation has a natural lifespan.

Whether we talk about a company, a bureaucracy, a campaigning group or a bowls club committee, over time there will be the accretion of rules, of committees, much like barnacles on a ship\’s hull, which change it from the alert and darting minnow that it once was into the lumbering behemoth concerned only with its own privileges that seems to be the fate of all organisations.

And just as you have to take boats out of the water and careen them occasionally, so do you need to stalk an organisation bringing swords and axes to the bureaucracy within it.

The very fact that the FoE, RA and CPRE have become, in only a few decades, such behemoths is the very proof we need that the governmental bureaucracy needs to be razed, or at least decimated, every now and again. Not because we don\’t want them to continue their original mission: but so that they can continue their original mission.

BTW, I thought this was really quite funny:

In a blog to be posted today, Jonathon Porritt – himself a former head of FoE – will accuse the groups of a \”massive failure of collective leadership\”.

So now we\’re tipping off the national press about the blog posts we\’re going to write are we?

5 thoughts on “Yes Geoffrey, now take it to its conclusion”

  1. Oh God. The “is expected to say” annoys me greatly. “Is expected to post” is just too far: where is my pitchfork?

  2. Hurrah. A correct use of ‘careen.’

    Tim adds: Not entirely sure of that myself. Isn’t careen the process of lying the ship on its side on a mud flat so you can scrape off the barnacles, rather than the process of scraping off the barnacles itself?

  3. The principle is sound. All organisations should be churned at regular intervals. Like maybe ten years. Starting with the UN, then the EU. Grand idea.

  4. You can pretty much write off anything by Geoffrey Lean as purest horseshit. He’s one of the DT’s token Lefties like Mary Riddell or George Pitcher (who Delingpole calls the Comedy Vicar.)

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