Algarve Golf

So, out next little adventure is Algarve Golf.

Obviously, still a work in progress but getting there.

The idea is that we\’re a golf association (actually, the Southern Golf Association) and a linked for profit organisation, Algarve Golf LLP.

If you join the association (€125 a year) then you get a card which gives you discounts on golf that you can book directly with some half of the golf courses here on the Algarve. Dependent on the course this can be from 20% to €60 off the green fees. You\’ll also get 10% off at a series of bars and restaurants around the place. That list is expanding rapidly.

You can also, if you\’re an occasional visitor, rather than resident, join up for €10, and be an associate member. This gets you the bar and restaurant discounts but instead of booking your golf directly with the courses you do so through Algarve Golf LLP and thus get good deals, but not quite as good as the full members get.

Either card also enables you to get discounts on other attractions around here. Skydiving, scuba similar, go kart racing, Splash and Slide, Zoomarine. Some you\’ll need to come into us and buy a chitty for, others you can book directly.

We\’ve also got a club house, various other bits and bobs planned, the occasional pig roast and so on.

Now, you, yes you, my dear readers, can help us here too. Upon your blog or website (even in forums that you frequent, that sort of thing) you can help us gain a nice search engine position by linking to the site. Thusly:

Algarve Golf.

You do it by placing the words \”Algarve Golf\” on the page, then linking underneath to \”\”.

This then makes the spiders and \’bots think that we\’re very important on the subject of golf in this part of the world. Which, of course, we are. Or will be. Or would like to be. Or you could help us become.

5 thoughts on “Algarve Golf”

  1. Tim, It’s probably useful to be aware that links from other sites don’t automatically make your site desirable, especially if they appear to come from unrelated or ‘bad’ neighborhoods.

    It’s just like life, you might have lots of people recommending you but if they are all cut-throats and ne’er-do-wells, then I’m going to ignore you. However, if my golf buddy or the BBC recommend you then you suddenly become more trustworthy and visible.

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