An interesting point about Fukushima

Japan has now upgraded the accident at Fukushima from level four to level five out of seven on an international scale of nuclear accidents, putting it on a par with the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island in the US in 1979.

They have indeed upgraded the accident to a level 5.

But then the original estimate was that it was a level 5. They then downgraded it to a level 4 …..and have now upgraded it again to a level 5.

We might recall that the TMI incident led directly to a death toll of precisely 0. And that cancer levels were higher from people worrying about it than any radiation received.

There are already (entirely unconfirmed I hasten to add, entirely anecdata) reports of more people suffering from overdoses of potassium iodide than from any effects of radiation.

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  1. The only major radiological hazard identified at TMI was from the Radon emissions of a nearby coal-fired power station.

  2. My year’s supply of lollipops bet still stands.

    20,000 individual tragic deaths (when they finish adding up) and no more than 4 or 5 from radiation and hydrogen explosions.

    There are 10,000’s of thousands who have lost everything…everything, home, memories, community, family, job, and will suffer for the rest of their lives.

    Total contamination of arable land and urban conglomerations…

    Somewhere the MSM have lost the plot and have been followed by European officals, governments, public opinion???

  3. The thing that really gets me about the media coverage is how they claim that TEPCO and/or the Japanese Govt. are being misleading or are withholding the truth.

    Just imagine, there you are, working day and night to try and come up with new smart engineering solutions to cooling a bunch of reactors and their fuel storage pools, in a nightmare landscape of devastation caused by a 9.0 earthquake and a tsunami; knowing you might be hit by another hydrogen explosion any moment; and possibly not knowing how/whether family and loved ones have survived the catastrophy.

    In the middle of this scenario descends a huge team of journos, most of whom can’ t tell a microSievert from their elbow, and they keep asking you uneducated questions. Is it possible that answering them might not be your top priority, in these circumstances?

  4. I’m amused by the US blogs that say that these Japs might be good at organised work but are lousy at improvising whereas, they claim, the US would shine at improvising. Then I think “Katrina”, or muse on the pathetic response of the Federal govt to the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

  5. As a believer in radiation hormesis I would not be surprised if the 3 children whose deaths were linked to Chernobyl because of being downwind of the place rather than present, and were forcefed iodine to “protect” them, actually died of the latter not of the radiation. The other 53 dead were all onsite.

    It is certainly proven that the main health effects of Chernobyl were the possibly 250,000 foetuses aborted and the worsened health and early death caused by various levels of despair induced by the eco-fascist fear campaign.

    It is thus undeniable that even in the world’s worst acknowledged nuclear disaster far more damage was caused by the eco-fascists than by the accident. These are the same parasites who want people brought to “trial” for scepticism.

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