Can we have a little reality here?

The Low Carbon Kid touts himself as the one who knows about renewables and energy.

Renewable energy is free

You what?

Given that Solar PV requires a 46 p per unit subsidy it\’s very diffiult indeed to make any sense of such a drivellingly stupid statement.

The rest of the piece is similarly filled with complete nonsense.

Surprisingly, he\’s decided not to publish my comment pointing this out…….

3 thoughts on “Can we have a little reality here?”

  1. It seems he has posted your comment, and replied to your deliberate mis-reading of his post.

    Maybe you could show a brave new direction for right-wing blogging and amend your posts when they prove to be less than accurate?

    (And any talk of subsidies for non-nuclear power seems a little weak in light of the money – a subsidy that is implied in all nuclear builds? – that the Japanese government is having to chuck at trying to bring the Fukushima situation under control, yes?)

  2. Whether he’s replied to clarify or not, it was still a mind boggling stupid thing to say. My comment there


    “I mean that the energy itself is free, which is to say the fuel – the sunshine or the wind or the waves. Of course the power that we get from that energy is not free.”

    You meant the fuel is free. Then say so. Don’t say the energy is. Tim and Tom are correct – whatever you meant, it’s a stupid thing to say, it implies a cost saving that doesn’t exist.

    Technically even the fuel isn’t free – you have to have access to it, which means some control over the land or water on which you’re setting up your plant. Especially for such a diffuse source this is significant. And that land use displaces other uses.

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