Compass supports the English Defence League\’s right to march

That\’s the only possible meaning of this:

As part of this, we condemn any politically motivated policing which provokes, intimidates or criminalises protestors.

Isn\’t it?

And/or they support the right of the BNP to march?

Or is \”any\” restricted to those marching for what they approve of?

2 thoughts on “Compass supports the English Defence League\’s right to march”

  1. They’re complaining about being arrests and charges for aggravated trespass? Even though people committed aggravated trespass?

    (That said, it does look odd when 90% of the charges from that day are against the aggravating trespassers when we were told there was a lot of violence and disorder outside Fortnum & Mason.)

    This sort of complaint bemuses me.

  2. There is an internal logic to their position, they don’t consider anyone who disagrees with them to count as ‘people’.

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