Governor Scott Walker emerges from Wisconsin, a state that invented Progressive Era Republican rule in the 19th and early 20th centuries under such exemplars as Robert LaFollette. Under their tenure, rent-seeking from the public domain and similar insider corruption were checked by a strong public sector anchored in integrity. The state\’s long history of reforms nurtured a prosperous middle class and made it a model of clean government, solid infrastructure, trade unionism and high value-added industry managed by socialists and the LaFollette Progressives.

Fast-forward to Scott Walker today. Representing a new breed apart from Wisconsin\’s earlier Republicans, he is seeking to re-open the asset-grabbing Gilded Age style. A plague of rent-seekers is seeking quick gains by privatising the public sector and erecting tollbooths to charge access fees to roads, power plants and other basic infrastructure.

Err, yes, but there\’s a bit you\’ve missed. The general analysis of the public sector workers is that it is they, now, who are the rent seekers. And thus Walker is doing exactly what you urge should be done, stamp on the rent seekers.

5 thoughts on “Cretins”

  1. Absurd article, typical red meat thrown to the slavering trots. They wamt pantomime American baddies, whatever the real facts.

  2. Worth mentioning that “The Wisconsin Idea” is a prototype for the current philosopher king style of world governance, in which academics tell the EU and the UN and so on what to do, like hiding ciggies, then the EU and the UN tell the politicians what to do, then they do it, that kind of thing. The very type species of academics as activists.

  3. Additionally, worth mentioning that he was elected on a democratic mandate after campaigning on the basis that he would do just this.

  4. I would hope access to “power plants and other basic infrastructure” is restricted. Perhaps the writer means that access to the product of power plants, electricity, would be charged for if it was in the private sector instead of being free in Wisconsin, as it must now be if the rioters are in any remote degree honest.

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