And for those who have never been to Geneva – I assure you, it is probably the most boring police on earth.

Doesn\’t that sound excellent? Having boring police is a mark of a very high level of civilisation in my book.

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  1. The Murph-meister adds to his lists of incompetences. Never take travel advice from him. I find Geneva rather pleasant, with its scenic lake, the view of Mont Blanc and other snow-capped peaks, its wonderful restaurants and cultural life, the statue of Tintin in the very hotel depicted in the Calculus Affair…what’s not to like? Admittedly, it might not have a rave culture tht you would find in London…but does the Murph-meister want this?

  2. Sorry, but I’ve lived there on and off for a few years (work related) and I agree – what is not to like?

    The climate is pretty good during the summer although walking across the Pont du Mont-Blanc bridge at midnight on a cold February evening when the wind is blasting across from Lake Geneva past the Jet d’Eau is a bit of a challenge.

    The restaurants are pretty good, although very pricey. I would only advise going there for any length of time if the company is paying.

    In summary, Geneva is pleasant, with some delightful aspects, but not much wild nightlife. Your average Swiss doesn’t really go in for that sort of thing.

  3. “In summary, Geneva is pleasant, with some delightful aspects, but not much wild nightlife”

    Pricy restaurants, cold in winter, nice scenery; decent but perhaps a bit dull – it sounds very like Sweden.

    Now, would Murphy complain if people went to live in Sweden?

  4. “boring police” seems an odd comment, even for him. I presume he meant to type “boring place” which is hardly profound.

  5. Geneva was very enjoyable, the couple of weeks I spent there. And when you’ve done most of the interesting stuff in Geneva, there’s an awful lot either in der Schweiz or la belle France which you can do and see. It’s an expensive but otherwise really rather good place for a long city break.

    I’m reminded, for some reason, of my mother’s saying: ‘Only boring people are bored.’

  6. Endorse the previous comments. I’ve spent many a pleasant business trip in Geneva in the past – Lovely view from the top of the Salève, and Steak Frites to die for at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte. And, as ever, the Swiss show us how to run a city transport system as well as a national railway system.

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