Fat man says do as I say

Not do as I do:

Hugo Chávez has urged Venezuelans to cut their calories to avoid obesity

3 thoughts on “Fat man says do as I say”

  1. In a few years his economic policies will make it a lot easier than it is now.
    The only advantage of communism is that obesity is easier to avoid – because there is not enough food.

  2. Mr Blair makes the same point I wanted to make – dictators banging on about cutting calories “for your health” are usually laying the groundwork before announcing a batch of “disappointing” grain harvest figures.

  3. They’re substantially there already. Provision of staple foodstuffs is in perilously unreliable condition. No-one’s actually starving yet, but a significant disruption is far from impossible.

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a fat Venezuelan. All the ones I know (all the female ones anyway) are slim and gorgeous.

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