Finally, after several years of banging on about it, Ritchie gives in and agrees

As the analysis below illustrates – and Murphy accepts – his methodology in relation to corporate tax avoidance produces an estimate which inevitably includes an element of ‘legitimate’ tax planning.

Ever since his first report came out I have been shouting that he over estimates corporation tax avoidance/evasion/abuse because he doesn\’t take account of the just and righteous use of the allowances which Parliament specifically puts into the law.

Now when he\’s talking to people who actually know about tax he accepts the point.

I\’ll not be hanging about for the \”Of course, Worstall was right\” post though.

2 thoughts on “Finally, after several years of banging on about it, Ritchie gives in and agrees”

  1. I refute David Gauke’s claim that I exaggerate this issue.

    Being innumerate I don’t always understand what you and Murphy are on about. But allow me to wade in and say refute doesn’t mean deny, gol’ darn it!

  2. At the end of that same post, Ritchie links to an quick surveymonkey poll where people who ‘feel’ suitably qualified can cast a vote on whether they believe him or HMRC re: the size of the tax gap. If you can bear to sully yourself by giving him the traffic that is…

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