Fundraising Fortnight

It being my birthday soon thought we\’d have a little test of how much you all love and desire this blog/me/righteous smiting of the ignorant etc.

No, I do not \”need\” money from you. I have managed, through a combination of business activities and writing here and there, to create an income stream which pays the mortgage(s), keeps us all fed and watered, even the five (remaining) cats and three dogs.

So the only possible reason you might have for sending some moolah my way is that this blog amuses you sufficiently that you actually desire to send me said moolah for me to upgrade my lifestyle a bit.

Perhaps the next steak dinner for two will be filet mignon (£30 ish around here) rather than bitoques (£15 or so). The next bottle of fizz champers instead of vinho verde. The next box of cigars decent Cubans (err, lots?) instead of who knows where Alvaro gets their tobacco from. The next car a Ferrari rather than a Ford (one can dream, eh?).

I do promise not to waste any of what is sent: none will be spent upon essentials, only luxuries.


14 thoughts on “Fundraising Fortnight”

  1. I like your blog. I would like to own your book. Is there a way to combine your wishes and mine? Link to Amazon from your blog?

    Tim adds: Top of the left sidebar for that one….

  2. £50 is winging through the Internet on it’s way to you.

    “Money is the material shape of the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value.”

  3. I would like to own your book too. On my Kindle.

    Tim adds: It’s a happening! The publisher is getting their act together to get all their books onto Kindfle’s. As far as I’ve been told, they’ve actually signed the ontract to do so and are now working on hte conversions.

  4. Fair’s fair. As investors in the Worstall Entertainment Fund we would like photographic proof that not a penny is wasted.

    Naturally this does not include pictures of essential expenditure on courtesans.

    Which of course you wouldn’t do because Mrs W is a wonderful lady.

    Oh, sod it! I’ve dug a big enough hole for myself. Where do I put a penny in the cup?

  5. Tim,

    Get the book into the South Lanarkshire Council library system. This will be win-win for us both. Firstly, I will read it, at no real personal cost to myself. Secondly, you will be paid for me for me to do so.

    Sound like a good advert for libraries?

  6. I think 4 years of education* and entertainment deserves in the traditional English way of a few pints.

    If you send me you bank details to save the rather large commission (well I am a Yorkshireman and would prefer it all to go to you.)

    *Having left school at 15 I didn’t get study much of what I read here and other places, but I was pleased to learn that a lot of what I figured out for myself was actually sound in terms of your view of classical liberalism

  7. Dear Tim. Firstly, I would remind you that this is the Lenten season, when self-denial should govern our lives. Secondly, By such bare-faced panhandling you reveal yourself as a child of the socialist Nanny State you affect to despise, thereby adding hypocrisy of positively Ballsian proportions to your many peccadillos. But anyone who so frequently and devastatingly deconstructs the mountebank Murphy deserves the support of all right-thinking men, and I forgive all else. Please note a contribution to your Sybarritic Living fund which I trust will cover the wine to go with the filet mignon.

  8. So how did the fund-raising go Tim?

    I hope the results were spent in a thoroughly Bacchanalian fashion!

    Tim adds: not yet, but gently so. The cigars that fuel my writing are indeed Cuban, not not-Cuban, as a result of that delightful showing of value perceived by readers.

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