George and Sunny had better hope they don\’t get what they wish for

As Sunny Hundal reports, it looks as if the no campaign will get away with this crude deception. Neither the Advertising Standards Authority nor the Electoral Commission will take responsibility for ensuring that campaign adverts are true. People will vote in May on the basis of false information.

It would really rather screw politics if campaign adverts did have to be true, wouldn\’t it?

Lefty politician: \”Companies should pay more tax!\”

ASA: \”Companies never pay tax, ever. Rejected.\”

Green politico: \”Look at all these Green Jobs!\”

ASA: \”Jobs are a cost of a plan, not a benefit. Rejected.\”

Righty politician: \”We will repatriate powers from Europe!\”

ASA: \”Going to repeal the European Communities Act then? Rejected.\”

Hattie: \”The gender pay gap is 22%\”

ASA: \”12%, rejected\”.

All politicians : \”Vote for me, I\’m an honest man!\”

ASA: \”Rejected as soon as we can stop laughing.\”

2 thoughts on “George and Sunny had better hope they don\’t get what they wish for”

  1. Several seasoned campaigners that I know of refused to sign the Yes campaign’s call for the ASA to start regulating the referendum campaigns as although th law would need to be changed to let them also regulate election campaigns for candidates, it would set a precedent that would be fucking annoying and almost unworkable, for pretty much the reasons you set out.

    As Woolas proved, candidates can be liabel if their leaflets go too far, but there’re enough hassles getting the damn things done as it is without need to pre-approve every single counil leaflet I put out.

    (spoke to a friend of Sunny’s who’s also an actually seasoned campaigner at an event once, he said “nice bloke, really well meaning, but completely clueless when it comes to the logistics of actually getting people to vote for stuff, same as most journalists really”)

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