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God Bless local newspapers

About this Algarve Golf thing.

Printing a half page which is the pure and undiluted press release.

Not exactly a great photo (squinting into the sun) but God Bless local newspapers, eh?

3 thoughts on “God Bless local newspapers”

  1. Tim,
    I notice the govt announced that it was reducing IVA (VAT to the non-portuguese of you) on golf green fees from 23% back to the old 6%.

    Should help the country be a little more competive in the golf tourism market and compete with the likes of Morroco and Turkey.

    Long way to go yet before it can be truly competitive though…

    So what’s it to be for Portugal.. an internal devaluation in the form of lower wages or an external devaluation in the form of de-coupling from the Euro.

    Tim adds: Good question. On an economics basis, should be decoupling. But then I own a house here, so would rather prefer the internal devaluation of wages…..

  2. You could have smiled for the camera, that picture looks like one of those David Bailey shots of the Kray twins

  3. Did “Algarve Resident” train Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent of the Telegraph? If so she’s learned her lessons extremely well. After all her reportage consists almost entirely of a seamless transfer of information from press release (usually from Greenpeace rather than Algarve Golf) to “news”.

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