Hertford College, Oxford, to go bust in 3…2…1….

They\’ve just appointed Will Hutton as Principal.

As of 2006, the college had a financial endowment of £52m.

Won\’t take him long to burn through that, he managed to get the Work Foundation to eat its capital efficiently enough.

3 thoughts on “Hertford College, Oxford, to go bust in 3…2…1….”

  1. I hope they do go bust. Fuck awful college. One of my favourite memories from my undergrad years was sending Hertford back down to the third division whilst securing Balliol safety. Made all the more special by the fact we lost the game 2-1 and had the outcome reversed after a successful appeal against their ineligable centre forward (who was a prick and lucky not to get a broken leg after I committed the worst foul of my life on his left leg).

    Ah, violence and football. Fuck you, Evelyn Waugh.

  2. glsad to see that Paul Sagar shows all the signs of a leftie – total lack of compassion and empathy and any kind of valuable insight…:)

  3. Wolfson College Cambridge once appointed an empty-headed media windbag as its President – John Tusa. It ended in tears.

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