I think I might have to become an incoherent, illogical, left winger you know

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Richard Murphy Power and Responsibility £70,000 Jul 2010 24 months
Personal award for defining a new role for tax in a post-recession UK

Crippled Jeebus C on a crutch.

He also gets cash from the TUC, indirectly from the Norwegian Government, the Network for Social Change, PCS, Christian Aid, Greenpeace, Action Aid Sweden, Ibis Denmark, Manchester University….and I\’m sure I\’ve seen something about the Ford Foundation out there as well.

He\’s got to be on £50k a year at the very least. Substantially more would seem a reasonable guess. Wouldn\’t be at all surprised at £100k.

So how do I get on the gravy train of making a fortune for producing illogical wibble? For other than direct pay for freelance pieces, my income from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is precisely £0.

Hold a fundraiser? Sell out? Suck up to someone?

Anyone willing to pay for my services in actually reading and pointing out the flaws in Ritchie\’s output?


7 thoughts on “I think I might have to become an incoherent, illogical, left winger you know”

  1. Much of that money will have come from you and I, taxpayers. Money fleeced from the public to fund the vast network of left-wing pressure groups campaigning for more government, more tax, more of them.

  2. Tim

    Could I suggest applying to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. They seem to have plenty to spare.

    Your work could easily fit into one of their categories.

    They certainly give money to dodgy people.

    Are you dodgy enough?

  3. Seeing how much they throw around you (we) non rent-seekers are a bunch of wallies.

    We don’t even know how to work (milk) the system.

    Tim, you have a lot to learn from Mr. Murphy

  4. A few days ago I explained to a new acquaintance something that seemed elementary to me. She gasped “Are you a radical?” I suspect that her circle is part of the readership of the Tax-Dodging Guardian.

  5. “Are you a radical?”

    A badge of honour, that. For truly we are sticking it to the man. And from the howls of anguish at the Guardian, the man does not like it one little bit.

  6. However, isn’t this the one thing which separates us from the Moochers and the Looters.

    It is an easy step to go from self-sufficient independence to rent seeking and living off the sweat of others, however it is like swimming downstream. It’s very difficult to return to where you started from.

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