Idiocy about Chernobyl

Some people, and unfortunately those some seem to include large numbers of journalists, just don\’t seem to have a handle upon numbers. Just cannot spot when someone is quite obviously spouting nonsense.

The cost of the disaster has crippled the national budgets of Ukraine and Belarus. In 1998, Ukraine said it had already spent $130bn cleaning up after the accident while Belarus said it would have to pay out $35bn that year alone. Vast tracts of its farm land had been ruined.

I really rather doubt it you know.

The GDP of Belarus (in 1998 $) was about $15 billion. No, really.

There just wasn\’t $35 billion for Belarus to pay out.

At least, I\’d be willing to make a rather large bet that Belarus did not pay out over twice its entire economic production in that year as damages or clean up costs for Chernobyl.

3 thoughts on “Idiocy about Chernobyl”

  1. Vast tracts of its farm land had been ruined

    Oh, they got so close to quoting Monty Python’s Holy Grail – “she’s got huge!…tracts of land”

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