In which Don Paskini has to send £10 to UKIP.



8 thoughts on “In which Don Paskini has to send £10 to UKIP.”

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  2. No more money for Murphy. He gets enough from fake charities, even those with more than one name. The RNLI, however, is a real charity, and a grand example of why we don’t need governments to provide services that the market cannot provide.

  3. I would hazard to say that Tim will never confuse the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust again.

  4. Have to say Tim, think Dan’s got you there, he was very specific in his wording, and I’m very aware of the differences (and it does look like Richie got his money from the least reputable of the three, although JR would still be turning in his grave).

    You gotta be very careful whe you’re playing at pendantry 😉

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