In which I agree with Greenpeace

“Greenpeace is calling for the phase out of existing reactors, and no construction of new commercial nuclear reactors. Governments should invest in renewable energy resources that are not only environmentally sound but also affordable and reliable”.

Well, that last sentence at least.

Do let us know when you\’ve found or designed renewable energy resources that are not only environmentally sound but also affordable and reliable and we\’ll all happily invest in them.

Solar, wave, wind, tidal, most currently unexploited hydro, fuel cells, geothermal….they all fall foul of either the affordable or reliable bits there.

9 thoughts on “In which I agree with Greenpeace”

  1. The greens don’t really want “affordable and reliable” energy. They would much rather have energy shortages to force us to reduce our consumption in line with their miserable anti-human ideology. That’s why they oppose any technology that is actually capable of meeting our needs.

  2. Like the green eco light bulbs which actually contain hazardous material. Well a tiny itsy bitsy small bit of hazardous material – mercury.

    Now in reality it’s such a small amount that it’s nothing to be worried about, but every H&S person sees the word Mercury and would run screaming for the hills and full hazmat suits if one broke in the room.

  3. The greens just want as to go Amish. There is a big difference between nuclear fission & fusion. How about a major R&D push to get hydrogen/boron nuclear fusion working?

  4. Alan,

    There is, but the EU is involved, so the tech they use is expensive, huge and does not work. It also manages to create harmful radiation.

    The US Navy funded project (read: small, safe to bs near) of Bussard IEC Fusion is where I think the solution lies.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Andrew Zalotocky – “The greens don’t really want “affordable and reliable” energy.”

    Was it Amory Lovins who said of cold fusion that giving the human race cheap abundant energy was like putting a gun in the hands of a child?

  6. The Greens, just like Feminism, are an offshoot of Marxism. The creed is “if socialism can’t produce material progress then material progress is wrong”.

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