In which I agree with Mehdi Hassan

Saturday to protest against the coalition\’s spending cuts and \”march for the alternative\” – the Robin Hood Tax, green investment in education and jobs, reform of the banks and a crackdown on tax justice.


We really must crack down on this tax justice nonsense. There are a number who will be up against the wall come the Revolution….

2 thoughts on “In which I agree with Mehdi Hassan”

  1. I don’t know what you are being so pithy about Mr. Worstall?

    Your name will certainly have been scratched on one of Ritchies cartridges for “…when the revolution comes…”.

    I suspect much of the readership of your blog would be considered enemies of the state.

    It is certainly my intention to be. The state is not my mother and my father. The state is the enemy of freedom and must be destroyed.

    Anarchy Rules UK! (A)

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