It\’s grim up north

Depression, like deprivation and ill-health generally, hits the north of England harder than the south. But a Guardian investigation that reveals that northern areas such as Blackpool, Salford, and Redcar and Cleveland have antidepressant prescription rates that are at least three times higher than in Kensington and Chelsea, raises as many questions about treatment as it does about people\’s state of mind.

And no one really seems to know whether all those anti-depressants are beause it\’s grim, there are measurement difficulties (ie, shorter prescriptions will make it look like more are being written) or that there really is some major difference in the way the same problems are being treated.

Sounds like the sort of thing the NHS (The Glory of the World isn\’t it?) should actually be able to work out.

2 thoughts on “It\’s grim up north”

  1. There are also a lot more people on Incapacity Benefit in those areas, too (I live in one of them).

    Not for one moment am I suggesting that there are claimants willing to abuse mental healthcare in order to sustain their benefits, though, at the expense of genuine patients. Oh no…

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